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Funding plays a critical role in an entrepreneur’s journey of starting and running a company, with many entrepreneurs becoming individual investors after they exit or reach other successful milestones with their own companies. 

To make connections for both qualified Aggie investors and Aggie-led companies seeking capital, the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship and Rev Ventures are proud to partner with Ring Ventures - a new venture investment club exclusively for Former Students and friends of Texas A&M University. It is the first-ever venture fund affiliated with Texas A&M University and provides a unique way for Aggies to connect and collaborate around promising investment opportunities. Importantly, for companies seeking investment, Ring Ventures invests alongside other venture capital firms, supporting companies in diverse industries and at all stages of launch and operation. 

While Ring Ventures is an independent fund that directly invests in business opportunities,  the Ring Ventures team is dedicated to helping the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship on other initiatives that support the growth of the Aggie entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ring Ventures is working closely with the Aggie Angel Network (AAN) to expand the deal flow and investment opportunities that are available to AAN members. Ring Ventures also provides sponsorship and entrepreneurial support to multiple other signature McFerrin Center programs that serve both current and former students.

Whether you are in need of funding to start or grow your company or you are looking to expand your personal investment portfolio, Ring Ventures can help you tap into the Aggie network to find the people and investment opportunities that are right for you.

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For additional information on becoming a member or sharing your investment opportunity with the Ring Ventures network, contact Larry Warnock.