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Aggie Vistage creates a venue where CEOs and business owners can work together to actively problem-solve and process the challenges they face as leaders. Aggie Vistage leverages the successful approach that has been developed by Vistage over 60 years of research but unites its members around the core values and their love of Texas A&M.

How it works

Aggie Vistage is the first university-affiliated chapter of Vistage, a global organization that manages private advisory groups for executives, CEOs, and business owners. But Aggie Vistage is so much more than executive coaching - it is the ultimate Aggie leadership experience. High-performing business executives join Aggie Vistage because they want to connect with other like-minded leaders and gain the camaraderie and wisdom of fellow Aggies.

Once a month, Aggie Vistage members meet to work through their respective challenges and opportunities, with guidance from an experienced Chair and using Vistage’s proven processing framework. Members can feel confident in sharing both their struggles and successes knowing that all Aggie Vistage discussions are held in a non-competitive and confidential environment. Ultimately, the Aggie Vistage experience delivers thoughtful, authentic, and actionable feedback that members can use to grow themselves and their business.

In addition, at several meetings throughout the year, speakers from Vistage's extensive and elite network serve as subject matter experts who challenge members to be innovative in their businesses and foster their personal growth. Vistage also provides members with exclusive insights on how to optimize small and mid-sized business processes from their thriving research network.


The McFerrin Center and Rev Ventures is excited to announce that beginning in 2021, individuals interested in joining Aggie Vistage now have two membership options available!


This is the inaugural chapter of Vistage at Texas A&M and is designed for members located in or that prefer to travel to Aggieland on a regular basis to meet in person with their fellow members.


For those that are located further away or otherwise unable to travel to Aggieland for meetings, Aggie Vistage Anywhere provides the opportunity to tap into the same power as Aggie Vistage but the flexibility of participating remotely in all but two member meetings per year.

Member Benefits & Requirements

Membership dues are required to participate in Aggie Vistage. The membership cycle runs February through January of each year and includes access to 12 monthly meetings and all resources available through Vistage, including meeting facilitation by an experienced Chair, elite guest speakers and other data/information from Vistage’s research network. Membership fees can be paid on an annual or a semi-annual basis.
Aggie Vistage and Aggie Vistage Anywhere will be operated as independent chapters and have their own members and meeting schedule. All other terms of membership, however, are the same between the Aggie Vistage and Aggie Vistage Anywhere chapters.


Are you interested in joining other successful Aggie executives and finding time to work on (not in) your business?
Click the link to receive more information and find out if Aggie Vistage (or Aggie Vistage Anywhere) is the right fit for you. A member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss details of joining and opportunities for you to experience it firsthand!

Member Selection Criteria

To maintain the integrity of the Aggie Vistage Program, applicants are carefully evaluated and must meet, at a minimum, the following criteria:

  • Must be the top strategic decision maker (CEO, President, Owner, etc.)
  • The organization must be established (not a startup), typically with at least 25 employees
  • Motive for joining includes business and personal growth, not business networking

In addition, prospective members may not be competitors or suppliers/vendors with another member in the chapter and are carefully evaluated to avoid this scenario, as it can influence confidential discussions.