ABOUT Rev Ventures

Rev Ventures is the newest division of the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship. Established in 2020, Rev Ventures builds upon the McFerrin Center’s strong history of supporting Aggie entrepreneurship yet specifically focuses on providing opportunities for Former Students, as well as other non-student entrepreneurs.

Rev Ventures has a variety of different engagements for entrepreneurs including a number of existing McFerrin Center programs such as the Aggie Angel Network, Texas Aggies in Business, and Aggie Vistage. In addition, we offer many interactive programs including workshops, short courses, and other opportunities designed to help participants connect with the entrepreneurial talent, expertise, and experience within the Aggie Network. Opportunities will be available for entrepreneurs at all phases of their journey and span a variety of different topics, as well as types of engagement.

A Venture for every experience level


Programs and opportunities at the Fish Camp level are designed to introduce and deliver fundamental knowledge/information in a wide variety of areas related to entrepreneurship. Fish Camp opportunities will also typically be self-paced and/or structured around short-term engagements, allowing you to easily expand your knowledge base or quickly get the information you need!


Programs and opportunities in the Aggie Ring level are designed to take a deeper dive into specific topics and equip you with the working knowledge and skills you need to build and grow your business. Aggie Ring programs will also typically involve repeat and/or multi-week engagements to accommodate the delivery of more in-depth content or other activities.


Programs and opportunities in the Senior Boots level are designed to help take you and your business to the next level of success. Senior Boots programs will deliver highly advanced content, skills, and experiences, some of which will require prior knowledge or that you be at a particular stage with your business. Similar to Aggie Ring programs, Senior Boots programs will mostly involve ongoing and other multi-week engagements.

A Division Within

The McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship is the hub for entrepreneurship at Texas A&M University. Founded in 1999, the McFerrin Center now offers over 30 different programs that focus on supporting, developing, and recognizing the achievements of entrepreneurs within the Aggie Network and around the world. Our team is passionate about the success of entrepreneurs and believe that they are the cornerstone of a robust economy and nation. To learn more about the McFerrin Center and all of its programs, visit entrepreneur.tamu.edu.